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Probably you have heard the news since the site was down for quite a while. But there is nothing to worry about, since the comics corral will be restored to a blog state which covers the comic life of Juan Heskin. The author of the blog in question. You can meet the Author or read on if you are already familiar with me. I’ve been on the web since 2005 and managed to get to gether a huge community of comic lovers. Turned out that it was much more than comics, it was about a life style and a meeting of like minded people. Then things started to get rocky after five years, with many of us just getting older and couldn’t keep up with the demands of running a server.

Things kind of just slipped through our hands, and while it was great fun in the making. Now, things have changed and become more.. well relaxed. While the need to be such a fanatic is no longer, there still is a lingering need to connect with the old community. That is why I decided to start up this blog to let you guys know what’s happening in my life. Comics are still a big part of my life, but there is more to it than that now.

Hope this little revival process will be fruitful and we can remember the old days with good vibes!

Yours sincerely,
Juan Heskin

2 Responses to “Comics Corral Forums Has Closed But..”

  1. David Duval Says:

    Ah, too bad that forum no longer exists. But doesn’t matter. Great to see the site come back! Thanks Comics Corral.

  2. jimmy woo Says:

    I was really starting to enjoy the Comics Corral Forum. Been posting for the last two years or so, new comer I guess but, was trying to get things going. I even started a spy thread though, I’m not sure anyone read it.

    Thanks and good luck from Custodes.

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